Why should I choose American Academic Press?

It's fast, easy, and affordable. You just give us your manuscript and let us take care of the rest. Our seasoned staff will design an attractive, quality book. You don't have to purchase a single copy to get published, and our revolutionary printing process lets you purchase copies in any quantity. You keep your rights, and we make your book available to bookstores and libraries.

What kinds of books do you publish?

We publish books in many categories including monographs, revised dissertations, primary sources, textbooks, and other books reflecting scholarship in the both natural and social sciences.

How long does it take?

Generally, it takes about 100-300 days to get your book published and ready to order (45-100 days if you choose Premier RUSH service). If you choose to review cover and text files on "hard copy," instead of online, it will take an additional 3 to 4 weeks to deliver materials back and forth between you and our office. Scanned books may take 4-5 weeks longer to publish. Authors should not schedule book signings or other special promotions until they have their printed books in hand.

Do I get a chance to review the book before it goes to press?

Absolutely. We will post online both the text and the book cover design for your review. We can mail you a printed "hard copy" of your cover or text for a fee.

How do I pay for copies I purchase?

We accept checks, money orders, and all major credit cards. American Academic Press does not invoice authors for books purchased. Payment must be made when your order is placed. Orders paid by personal check may take 4-5 days longer to process.

What is the average number of copies sold?

None of our books are "average"! They are all very different. We provide various selections: memoirs produced for the sole reason of giving a few copies to family and friends; self-help books sold by the author at seminars; poetry; school texts; coloring books and more.

Some titles only ever sell a handful, some sell hundreds a year, others thousands a year. Achieving large sales isn't the biggest motivation for many authors who are publishing for a thousand other reasons. A few authors leap to the big time when their early success is noted by a conventional publisher and an attractive contract is offered.

Sales levels are dependent on a number of factors, including content (how popular the subject is; how well the book is written; the appearance of the book) and author involvement (books that sell best are those that the author promotes vigorously via his/her own web site, via book reviews and other means).

Do you offer editorial services?

Yes! For an additional fee we can copyedit your book. This means we’ll correct some sentence or paragraph construction, correct spelling, fix typos and punctuation errors, and perform simple fact-checking (easily searchable on the Internet). But don’t worry, we won't change your style of writing or alter your content, ideas, or plot. In the end you are ultimately responsible for your manuscript. Even the best editors can miss errors, and although we do our best, we cannot guarantee an error-free manuscript.

How do I submit my manuscript?

For full guidelines please see the submission. We receive many manuscripts each day so please follow the guidelines to help us provide prompt services.

What is the status of the manuscript I submitted?

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks to review and to provide feedback for each manuscript.

For full guidelines please see the submission.

Our Books Wanted page provides a few topics we are actively seeking.

Why you should submit your manuscript?

The mission of us is to offer an investment-based program, whereby an author has every chance of financial recuperation. You would fully invest in the first edition of the publication. In doing so, you may receive thorough and excellent services including: editing, cover design, printing/binding, marketing, warehousing, distribution and quarterly royalty reports. We have a viable and excellent alternative means for an author to become published with traditional benefits.

We have worked exceptionally hard and with impeccable ethics to produce a service tailored to each author. The comfortable and impressive niche we have garnered in the literary marketplace is only matched by our expertise within it.

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