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AMERICAN ACADEMIC PRESS is an independent scholarly press specializing in monographs, revised dissertations, primary sources, textbooks, and other books reflecting scholarship in the both natural and social sciences.

We seek to publish the very best research monographs and studies produced by the international academic community and publish books for professional and general readers in a range of subjects.

We base our acceptance policy upon peer reviews of submitted works. After approval, however, we differ significantly from other publishers. Most academic presses are discouragingly slow to process an accepted work. We will publish with efficiency after acceptance. Our short runs lead to a high number of books published annually through our own facilities. Thus, quality and prompt production are re-introduced to scholarly publishing.

We invite our authors to participate actively in the publication of their work and work closely in cooperation with them at all stages of the publication process.

We believe in thoughtful, strategic execution of business plans based on logic and practical knowledge of the book industry. Our success is rooted in the belief that publishing should be enjoyable for independent authors. We are not in the business of selling dreams; we are in the business of building careers and exchanging academic thought internationally.

Our central address is: AMERICAN ACADEMIC PRESS 2038 S 1500E   Salt Lake City   UT 84105 USA

Our central address is:

2038 S 1500E Salt Lake City
UT 84105 USA

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