Marketing Services

Prior to the official release of your book, our marketing department will begin promoting your title to a variety of important contacts. Your book will be submitted to Books in Print, an index utilized by bookstores nationwide to access new title information for books published in the United States. In addition, work will begin on creating a customized press release and other promotional pieces to be used in the marketing process.

A national marketing campaign will be coordinated specifically for your book's genre, which will utilize a list of key contacts that include book buyers at the corporate headquarters of major book chains. Our Director of Marketing will send copies of your book to a variety of reviewers at local and national newspapers, magazines and broadcast media.

Warehousing & Fulfillment Service

For Premier Publishing authors, orders we receive for your title through our online catalog, major Internet booksellers, or direct from bookstores, libraries, wholesalers and individuals are professionally handled by our courteous and friendly customer service representatives. We process all orders, discount calculations and invoices. We also manage inventory, warehousing and shipping for you! Accurate and detailed royalty statements are provided on a semi-annual schedule.

Bulk Orders

Substantial discounts on bulk quantities are available to corporations, professional associations, and other organizations. For more information, email to:

Customer Service

To Order - Individual Sales:

  • Please check your local bookstore first. Items not found in your local bookstore may be ordered by e-mail
  • All books sold for full list price, plus shipping and handling.

Retail Book Trade Discount Schedule:
  • New and backlist titles may be combined for discount.
  • 10+ copies, 26%, free freight
  • 1-9 copies, 15%, prepaid
  • Terms: Net 30 days.
  • Above discount schedule applies to US retailers only.
  • Foreign accounts, please inquire for discount schedule and terms.
  • STOPorders: 30% discount, prepaid.

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