Editorial Services

Editorial Mission Statement

It is our mission to publish and distribute quality books for adult readers seeking academic information to improve themselves in careers, college, finance, parenting, retirement, spirituality, and other related topics. We strive to deliver well-written, comprehensive books that inform, advise, and educate the reader.

Your Managing Editor

Your managing editor is your personal contact throughout the entire publication process, keeping you informed about each phase of your book’s production. He confers with you on a regular basis about the status of your book, and is always available by email for consultation. No matter which program you choose for your book, your editor will offer his expertise to assist you in all phases of book production.

Depending upon the individual components of the program you select, your managing editor will also carefully review your manuscript for technical consistency and presentation—that is, for spelling, capitalization, grammar, punctuation, hyphenation, subject/verb agreement, etc. Our editors do not, however, make adjustments to your work that will alter content, organization, or creative expression. And you are given the limited opportunities to approve all revisions before proceeding with the final printing and binding of your book.

Your Designer

If you have not provided camera-ready copy for your manuscript, your designer determines the proper "feel" of your manuscript, which will be reflected in such elements as cover material and design, type style, use of photographs/illustrations, and the like. Again, you will be actively involved in these decisions.

Your Production Planner

When your book is ready for production, your production planner will determine the publication schedule for your title, assign your International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and secure a barcode, and coordinate all matters relating to printing and binding. When and if you need it, Premier Rush Service is another option available to our authors.

The on-demand publishing process requires that your book be converted to a digital computer file suitable for "on-demand" printing. When you have finished editing and proofreading your book, we can take over and convert it into a digital file in a format suitable for high-speed digital printers.

Selecting the PLUS option means that you will be having our technicians professionally layout (typeset) your book's inside pages, creating a custom design that emulates the appearance of an existing book that you admire. (You'll send us photocopies of a few pages to show us what style you want.)

If you are computer savvy and you wish to do the layout yourself, you can select the Classic option and save the money. (We'll provide full technical specifications, free PDF-creating software and a layout tips booklet to help you create a stable print file.)

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