Thank you for your interest in American Academic Press. American Academic Press is always looking for great new books and great new papers, and we welcome your submission. Of course, we must be selective; our company and our clients enjoy success in large part due to our excellent reputation. We carefully review every submission and will contact you with the results of our evaluation. Following are our editorial guidelines. If you determine that your proposal or manuscript meets our criteria and want us to publish your book, we welcome your submission.

Content Standards

Titles are written at an adult-minimum high school-level.
Copy is written in a helpful, practical, how-to, often step-by-step-style.
Subjects are current, not faddish or trendy; style is not highly technical.
Titles include directories, listings, web sites, and references as appropriate.

Author Standards

Authors must be proficient at communicating in writing.
Authors must have strong credentials to write on their topic.
Authors should have some experience with publicity, such as speaking to groups and/or interviewing with broadcast or print media.

How to Submit Book Proposals

1. We prefer completed manuscripts.
2. We will also consider a proposal. For us to properly evaluate your proposal and its potential, please include:

  • Complete, detailed outline/table of contents of proposed book, with well-defined subject—what distinguishes your book from the thousands of other books published each year?
  • Estimated length of book and approximate manuscript delivery date. Resources to be used. At least two complete sample chapters and an introduction/thesis.
3. In addition, please submit the following:
  • Author information/biography/credentials in light of the subject matter: Why are you the perfect person to write this book?

Manuscript Submission Tips

1.The following is the short version of the manuscript submission guidelines for the impatient author.

  • Mail a disposable copy of your manuscript. Your manuscript will not be mailed back.
  • Enclose a summary of your work.
  • Enclose a marketing plan.
  • Please try hard to sell your work to us!
2.Here is some additional information for the patient authors.
  • Please remember that we receive more than 40 manuscripts and 60 written inquiries per week.
  • Describe why you are submitting your manuscript to us and why we should consider it.
  • Your book proposal should have a header with your name, e-mail, and telephone number. Pages do get mixed with other proposals.
  • In the book proposal include the following information

Market Information


Include a brief description of your work and overall objective. Describe exactly what the project will be about. What is your audience? In other words: what is the market? This is a very important part of your book proposal so please be specific.

Market need

Address why there is a need for the proposed project. What are the reasons for us to consider this publication?

Primary market

Indicate those audiences (e.g., children, teenagers, spiritual, academic/research, graduate students, professionals and so on) that need this material. Be as specific as possible.

Secondary market

List those groups with an occasional need for this material.


Please list in order of importance the professional societies and organizations and professional or trade publications whose respective members or readers would be the most likely subscribers to the proposed publications.


Attach a table of contents showing the coverage you propose. Indicate chapters and subdivisions within chapters, as well as special materials to be included in the appendixes. If your proposed publication is a periodical, list a few sample article titles and columns or departments to be featured.

Frequency of Updates

If your proposed publication is a journal or other type of periodical, how frequently will it be issued?

Manuscript Information


How many manuscript pages (typewritten, letter-size, double-spaced) do you anticipate to fully cover your topic? How many pages will the appendixes be?


How many pages per issue?

Electronic product

Please provide a description of platform and interface.


Please provide your best estimate for completing and delivering the final manuscript.

Author Information

Primary authors

Please provide your curriculum vitae.

Contributing authors

If there will be authors preparing other portions of the publication, provide their names and a brief bio.

Writing Samples

If available, please enclose a sample chapter. If you have published other articles and books, attach a list of those materials.


What publications compete with or are similar to the one you propose? What are their weaknesses and strengths? In what ways will your publication be superior? Provide as much data on competitive products as possible (publisher, date written, price, page length, etc.).


Please mail us a disposable manuscript!

Download the submission form

Download the submission form:     doc DOC(29KB)     pdf PDF(17KB)   and fill to email at:

Online Submission

Please also email your proposal or manuscript to: for quick response.

Once you've submitted your manuscript or proposal, you should receive some word from us -pro or con - usually within one to four weeks. Please DO NOT call us; if we're interested, we'll track you down. Should we decide to publish your book, we will contact you regarding contract terms.

If you have any questions about American Academic Press, our services, or our submissions procedures, please feel free to email us at:

Please note that this submission is for informational purposes only. Submission does not guarantee acceptance into American Academic Press, nor does it bind you to any obligations. We respect your privacy and do not share your information or use it for any other purposes.

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