What is an ISBN?

ISBN stands for "International Standard Book Number" (ISBN). It is a unique 13-digit identification number for books, CD's tapes etc... published internationally.

What does an ISBN consist of?

An ISBN consists of 13 digits and the letters "ISBN". It consists of four parts - each separated by a hyphen.

  • 1- Group or country identifier - identifies a national or geographic grouping of publishers;
  • 2- Publisher identifier - identifies a particular publisher within a group.
  • 3- Title identifier - identifies a particular title or edition of a title;
  • 4- Check digit - the single digit at the end of the ISBN which validates the ISBN.

Why do I need an ISBN?

ISBN's establish and identify one title or edition of a title from one specific publisher and is unique to that edition, and is viewed as your book fulfilling international book published criteria. An ISBN can only be used once and is specific for a particular book or book like product. It allows for better marketing of products by bookstores, libraries, distributors, universities, and self-publishers.

Who assigns an ISBN?

ISBN group agencies assign ISBN's worldwide. The ISBN Agency in Berlin coordinates all ISBN'S. Publishers, e-book publishers, audio cassette and video producers, software producers and museums and associations with publishing programs are all eligible for ISBN's. All book and book like products should have an ISBN.

ISBN Barcode

The barcode will be placed on the bottom of the back cover. ISBN

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